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How I got a smaller waist – Questions Answered

I managed to significantly improve my waist in six weeks. I’m not saying that I now look as a top model. I would not go that far. But if it would be beach weather and there was a dip in the sea on the program, I would have no problem with that. Just six weeks ago was quite different. When I still had a lot of courage to gather. If you’re interested, I’ll tell you how I dealt with it. Though, before I go on. Anyone got a good site to go to for website speed tips? A friend of mine skyped me giftofspeed, which is decent but I was wondering if there are more good ones.

womans-waistFirst, a general advice. If you are looking for a solution to your problem with slimming your waist, there is only one answer: regularity, a definite plan and a good motivation. So no tricks, no magic products, no adventurous devices, no action for years on television … Just a few lines and a clear objective. Below is my personal approach. The plan that I myself have followed six weeks. The emphasis was on my waist (and waist), but that is for each of you, of course, different. Actually you know yourself what your weaknesses are and how to address them. Again, if you just make a clear plan. This was mine:

No more ice cream and sweets
I could not get enough, and every day again enjoyed a huge chunk of ice or a nice piece of chocolate. Six weeks ago I decided to do all these goodies in the ban. Oddly enough, I miss them disagree. And my waist is me grateful. Maybe I eventually do again what goodies in my daily diet will record, but at least in moderation.

Smaller, but no small portions
I did my usual portions (which in the course of time it was very grown) is reduced by one third and make sure I skip any meals. Before, I ate mostly twice a day. I hit it over breakfast (what a mistake!). Now I eat five times a day: breakfast, two main meals and two light snacks). Many vegetables, wholemeal bread, fruit. And I feel very well with this diet.

Almost every day exercise
I try every day to control my exercise one way or another. Sometimes that’s a nice walk in the open air, sometimes working out in the gym, sometimes muscular exercises in the living room. The abdominal muscles come three times a week to offer. All in all I’m there for 15 minutes each time losing it, something I do not necessarily all for the gym. Another thing I do is do occasional bike trips. We drive from hotel to hotel, sometimes even in different countries like when we went to The Netherlands in June (with a small but very decent bike operator:

I weigh me regularly to check my progress (occasionally I measure my waist). And I do not care about me, which sometimes occurs, which have arrived. I like to stay on top of my weight. It keeps the motivation high! I drink more water than before. When I’m tired or do not feel like to play sports, I do not make a problem of it. Tomorrow is another day and then we go again with renewed courage and energy on (but then it go!). I am convinced of my goal, my approach and how I fulfill it. If you are unsure or are not convinced of a certain approach, then force yourself to not to follow that path. Everyone is different and everyone has their own priorities. Set to determine for yourself and follow your own path to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.